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Healthcare Fraud

Woman Finds Her Personal Health Information on Amazon


(NBC Connecticut) – A Vernon woman was shocked to discover her personal health information posted for the world to see after purchasing a medical alert bracelet online.

After a recent medical diagnosis, Leah Luce bought a personalized medical alert bracelet from a third-party seller on

In addition to her medical conditions, the bracelet included Luce’s name, birthdate and emergency contact information.

Luce said she intentionally picked a design that had most of her personal details printed on the inside of the bracelet. She said she liked the product and even gave it a positive review on Amazon.

A few weeks later, she received a frightening phone call from her physician.

“My doctor had notified me and said you know, she didn’t want to scare me,” Luce said.

Luce said an employee at her doctor’s office had been shopping for medical bracelets on Amazon and came across Luce’s personal information in some of the photos advertising different medical ID bracelets.

Luce said it took her only a few minutes of searching to find the photos. She immediately called Amazon and said an agent told her the company would investigate. She then received a follow up email from Amazon, which said the company will not be able to release the outcome of its investigation.

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