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Wilmington forum examines future of healthcare


(WDEL) – Behind the healthcare debate, there are real people. Some of them spoke at a town hall meeting on the future of healthcare Friday, including a U.S. Senate candidate, an activist on behalf of people with disabilities, and citizens who have faced frustration with their coverage.

Delawarean Nancy Lemus was accompanied by her son Christopher, who has a complex medical condition and requires extensive care.

Lemus is concerned about what she said seems to be an attack on Medicaid.

“I know Medicaid for us keeps Christopher and many children like him and many people in Delaware still in their homes because we have programs that support you in the community,” Lemus said during the discussion at Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew in Wilmington.

Denials and delays in coverage, sometimes with dire consequences, also were detailed. According to Delaware organizer for Healthcare for America Now and Democratic candidate for US Senate Kerri Evelyn Harris, access to care is still very much in question for many.

“Everybody’s definition of access is very different, and we have to recognize that,” Harris said. “That’s why we have to make sure that healthcare is considered a right here in the United States – a human right – and it should be free to everyone.”

The founder of Be a Hero, Ady Barkan, also brought his mission to “save health care and save our democracy” to Wilmington. Barkan, who lives in California, was diagnosed with ALS in 2016. His civil disobedience protesting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act has resulted in his arrest.

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