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Some Delaware hospitals are syncing medical records to iPhone app

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(Delaware Public Media) – Some of Delaware’s hospitals are using an app that allows patients to pull up all of their medical data on their phone.

Bayhealth recently announced it has joined ChristianaCare and Nemours in adding its patient records database to the Health Records iPhone App.

The app allows patients to view health records like lab results, clinic notes and immunization history from multiple providers all in one location without having to visit different platforms.

Bayhealth Vice President and Chief Information Officer Richard Mohnk says this move is what’s best for the patient.

“It’s been proven nationally that when you can get people engaged with caring for themselves you have a better population health going on throughout the community,” said Mohnk.

Mohnk says Apple’s use of encryption makes the app compliant with HIPAA privacy law. The app’s records cannot be viewed without the iPhone passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

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