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Here’s how you can effectively juggle between diabetes and work


(Deccan Chronicle) – An inseparable part of our lives is work, and it can get tough when faced with a hectic schedule. However, this can be a bigger concern for people with diabetes. Diabetes and work don’t always mix because it involves managing food, medicines, rest, monitoring, and exercise. This coupled with deadlines, long hours and travel can be incredibly overwhelming and cause high-stress levels which could lead to further complications.

However, diabetes management is a part of our lives, and this also includes life at work. Diabetes doesn’t have to interfere with an individual’s job, and one should manage to balance diabetes and a hectic work schedule. The better one understands his or her condition, the better they can work with and around it to successfully manage diabetes and career.

Dr Varsha KhatryHead- Medical and Scientific Affair, Roche Diabetes Care India provides few tips on how to balance good diabetes management and a hectic work schedule:

Opt for nutritious & healthy breakfast options: Skipping breakfast is the most common and easiest way to save time if one is dealing with a hectic work schedule. But if you’re managing diabetes, there are many reasons why eating breakfast is a priority.

The main reason is that eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast can help regulate blood sugar levels for the rest of the day and is extremely essential for diabetes and weight management. Begin your day with healthy breakfast options like whole grain cereal or oatmeal with skimmed milk, topped with fresh fruits instead of sugar to sweeten your meal.

They’re packed with fibre, vitamins, and minerals and make a great base for a healthy and diabetes-friendly breakfast.

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Healthy snacks should receive preference: Snacking between meals is important if you’re taking medication for diabetes to keep your blood sugar levels under control. Eating regular meals and snacks through the day in controlled portions, helps you maintain good blood sugar control and in turn will help you manage your work as well.

However, it is also important to choose your snacks well by making smart food choices. Choose healthy snacking options like raw vegetables such as celery, asparagus or carrot with low-fat yoghurt dip or a handful of nuts to avoid overeating during meals and to manage blood sugar levels. You can also consider having whole grain crackers with natural peanut butter and peanuts, they are low glycemic index (GI) foods.

This means that they have a lower effect on blood sugar levels. They are easy to carry and snack on mid work as well.

Walk around in the workplace: If you are living with diabetes, exercising is extremely significant. However, with a hectic work schedule which demands late hours or travelling all the time, it can get challenging to keep up with your exercise routine. A sedentary lifestyle is not advisable for those living with diabetes.

Hence, if you are stuck at your desk, you will need to find ways and means to move around from time to time for proper diabetes management. If you have a hectic work life, this will be a bit of a struggle for you.

Fortunately, there are many ways to squeeze in some time for fitness. Simple things like walking around while you talk on a call, fit in a few minutes to go out for a walk during your lunch break or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help you have some form of exercise amidst your hectic work schedule.   

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