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Depressed? Social media may be to blame


(WDEL) – A new study out of the University of Pennsylvania found social media and increased screen-time is tied to both depression and loneliness.  

Student researcher Jordyn Young was part of the team that wanted to get to the bottom of why no such studies had been conducted on the academic level.

“So we tried to employ more of an experimental design as opposed to  the previous literature we had found, which was correlational–or established association–as opposed to saying that there is a causal link between social media use and depression and loneliness,” Young said. “We used the scientific method to come up with a method where we had two groups–we had our control group who was told to use their social media as usual; they filled out the same surveys as the intervention group, who was told that they were only allowed to use a maximum of 10 minutes per platform per day. The platforms included Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.”

Young said there are plenty of articles written about the correlation between sadness and screen-time, but that none of them hit the mark, academically. 

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