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Coping with children’s anxiety over pandemic


(Delaware State News) – With schools closed and parents working from home, when the anxiety starts to creep in, what do you do?

NAMI Delaware and Meghan Walls, pediatric psychologist at Nemours/AI duPont Hospital for Children, during a livestream Monday evening, sought to give parents and teachers some strategies to cope with anxiety.

“We do try to hone in on different audiences and a specific need and at this point, obviously the need is around COVID,” said Annie Slease, director of advocacy and education for NAMI Delaware. “When we’re thinking about this experience that we’re all having right now, we want parents to have the tools that they can access at the ready to help their children understand what’s going on and to help their children cope.”

Day-to-day life has changed for many people, and Ms. Slease said that it’s important to reframe expectations during this time.

“That’s what tonight’s about: reframing what we expect out of our days, and reframing what we expect out of ourselves,” she said in a separate interview. “How can we move forward compassionately for ourselves, and how can we be productive and forgive ourselves when we’re not? So all of that, I think, matters.”

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