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Amazon and Telenursing – a Match Made in Healthcare Heaven?

02/04/2018 – For a brief moment of time, Amazon released a job posting for a “new initiative,” looking for a “HIPAA Compliance Lead” – someone to create, organize, and head a compliance program for the company.

And not just anyone – but someone with at least 5 or more years of HIPAA, FDA, and 510(k) experience.

The post has since been removed and Amazon has not made any public statements on what this “new initiative” is, or why they need someone with this expertise on their team.

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Some speculate that Amazon may be chipping away at the healthcare space by way of Alexa, the company’s smart speaker personal assistant. 

Amazon may have a vision of inserting Alexa into the day-to-day patient care setting – recording notes, recalling labs, etc – but is the technology smart enough to know how to protect patient health information? Enter HIPAA Compliance Lead new hire!

One thing is for sure – it is no secret that Amazon is interested in the healthcare space. It is a multibillion-dollar industry that could quickly become disrupted by the convenience and accessibility Amazon has and continues to establish. Can you envision an Amazon Prime pharmacy experience? What about the intricacies of the secret 1492 project? This is reportedly a team of people who have been working on healthcare technology: everything from electronic health records, to healthcare apps, to telemedicine. 

Speaking of telemedicine, according to GeekWire, Amazon may very well be brainstorming a telemedicine network. The company was reportedly reaching out to nurses and doctors, recruiting them for an initiative that they have not spoken publicly about. Amazon in the telemedicine arena could have big implications for the nursing field as it is already one of the fastest growing sectors of nursing today. 

Telemedicine is not a new thing to the world. In fact, there are thousands of nurses that have entered the telenursing world, putting their experience to work in a creatively different way.

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